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Hannigan Money Back GuaranteeAt Hannigan Insurance, we always offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We believe in what we do and we know you'll be happy with our friendly and knowledgeable service. Because of that confidence, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee: If you are unhappy with our rates or service, you can request a complete pro-rated refund of your insurance payments. No questions asked!

Personal Service

At Hannigan Insurance, our goal is to offer you the lowest rates, combined with the best and most convenient service. We are local insurance discounters who bring you big benefits: Personally tailored coverage, claim assistance and a network of insurance providers that will get you the lowest premiums possible.


We bring a 21st century big company mindset to the customer experience. We communicate and deliver quotes in whatever manner you choose, whether that is in-person, over the phone, online or even via our exclusive eRate text message service, we're wherever you are. Plus, our rockstar agents are local, work extended hours and are available to review your policy to find you savings.


We also pride ourselves on being an active community partner. We believe helping uplift our region helps us all, and makes good business sense as well. Do you have a community, sports team, charitable or children's cause in need? Please contact us to see how Hannigan Insurance can help out, and make this a win-win for everyone involved.

Why Choose Hannigan Insurance?

  • RESPONSIVE: Exclusive 800 number for any questions.

  • EXPERIENCED: Over 91 years of experience serving Michigan residents.

  • AFFORDABLE: Low rates combined with flexible payment plans, plus no broker fees or hidden transaction costs! And we offer discounts and savings from a network of local retail partners.

  • HELPFUL: Monthly emails include money-saving and safety tips and awesome contests.

  • GUARANTEED: Satisfaction guarantee pledge allows you to cancel at anytime.

  • FLEXIBLE: Exclusive e-signatures save you time, money and trees!



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