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Hannigan Insurance Fundraiser Program

Hannigan Insurance offers fundraising opportunities. It's an easy way to raise money for your school, team or charitable cause without having to beg your friends or family for cash! Hannigan will donate $10 to your campaign for every quote request we receive*. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY!

We raised$290 in 2 monthswith Hannigan Insurance. It's sure better than selling more pizza kits, thank you!

Steve Schilkey, Michigan Travelers Hockey Club
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    Based on the number of quotes submitted for your fundraiser, Hannigan Insurance will send the fundraising manager a check, $10 for each person who allows us to give them a free quote; it's really that easy!

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*To qualify for a $10 donation, the supporter must get an online Auto or Home Insurance quote and speak to a licensed Hannigan Insurance agent to allow them to provide FREE consultation over the phone. No obligation to buy.

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