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4 ways renters insurance has you covered

4 Ways Renters Insurance Has You Covered

The number of renters in the US has been steadily climbing over the past 10 years, bringing the total to nearly 43 million renters in 2015. [Continue reading]

What Is The Difference Between Full Coverage and State Minimum?

Many people get confused with what state minimum coverage and full coverage. [Continue reading]

Top 5 Tips To Save On Home Insurance

Many people may not realize it but there are many ways you can save on your homeowners insurance, whether you are buying a new home or you currently have home insurance. [Continue reading]

What is Water Back Up And Sump Pump Overflow Coverage?

What does water backup and sub pump overflow coverage really mean? Well if you have a basement with a toilet, it may back-up and could destroy your finished basement. [Continue reading]

Top 5 Most Expensive Cities In MI For Car Insurance - Dec 2015

Based on car insurance policies we have quoted from Dec. [Continue reading]

Top 5 Car Insurance Claim Tips

I hope you never have to deal with insurance claims, but the truth of the matter is that it will most likely happen to you. [Continue reading]

Why Is Insurance So Much If I Haven't Had It In A While?

Many times people will get sticker shock when they find out they have to pay up to triple what they were paying because they had a few weeks lapse of car insurance coverage. [Continue reading]

What Does PIP Insurance Mean?

PIP Insurance stands for Personal Injury Protection. [Continue reading]

Is My Jewelry Covered On My Home Insurance Policy?

Many people might not understand that when you get a homeowners insurance policy it only covers up to a limited amount of jewelry. [Continue reading]

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