What Is The Difference Between Full Coverage and State Minimum?

Many people get confused with what state minimum coverage and full coverage. The reason is because it most likely not worded correctly when you hear it. Full coverage implies that everything is covered, but that's not true.

...the odds are very low you are only going to get sued for $20,000.

Every state has minimum limits that you have to have. Here in the state of Michigan the minimum liability limit for car insurance is $20,000. So in case you get sued you are covered up to $20,000. But when you are to get sued, the odds are very low you are only going to get sued for $20,000. That's why we here at Hannigan Insurance always recommend higher limits.

Now the term full coverage is such a generic term, and if you mean "is my car covered?". For that you need collision and comprehensive. Do not confuse those two with state liability limits, also referred to as state minimums.

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