How Can I Get The Cheapest Car Insurance?

Everyone always asks me, hey Brian, how can I get the cheapest car insurance? I don't like the word "cheap" but I definitely will recommend the most affordable way to go about this. I got four main tips I like to inform everyone when trying to lower your car insurance premiums.

The first tip I always recommend is to raise your deductibles. The higher your deductibles the lower your insurance premiums, that simple.

The second tip is as simple as the third, granted you haven't already had a current claim, maintain that clean driving record. Go the speed limit, drive with caution, etc.. Your cost of insurance will remain low if you maintain that clean driving record.

If you have a vehicle older than 10 years, then you remove your comprehensive and collision coverage (unless you still owe on it). If you have the car paid off tell your Agent you don't need it and drop comprehensive and collision.

My fourth tip is to shop around! There are so many insurance providers out there that it really is worth getting multiple quotes on your car insurance. I recommend getting at least 5 different quotes. The best way to do this is going to an Agency like ours and let us do the leg work for you; we will compare over nine different insurance quotes so you don't have to.

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