Major Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance in Michigan

major penalties driving with no insurance michigan

Estimates for 2017 show that in the state of Michigan alone nearly 21 percent of drivers are uninsured. It's illegal to be driving without car insurance in Michigan. In Detroit it's estimated that more than 50% of drivers do not have mandatory No Fault insurance. Driving without car insurance has some serious penalties, and it leaves you very vulnerable if you're injured in a serious car accident:

  • 1) You can be charged with a misdemeanor

    Michigan's No Fault Insurance Law makes it a misdemeanor crime to not have mandatory No-Fault insurance for your car or truck.

  • 2) You cannot receive Michigan PIP benefits

    If you are driving your car, get injured and have no car insurance, then you will be excluded from receiving the PIP benefits you will need for your care, recovery and rehabilitation.

  • 3) You cannot sue

    You will not be able to sue for neglect, pain and suffering.

  • 4) You cannot get help under Mini Tort for your car damage repair

    You will be ineligible to pursue a Mini Tort claim for payment of all or some of the repair costs neccessary for your vehicle.

Be sure to get covered if you or someone you know is driving without insurance. As soon as you have had 6 months or more of previous insurance insurance providers lower rates drastically, some more than 50%! We can help do your insurance shopping for you, in a matter of minutes we can shop car insurance coverage for more than 5 top name insurance providers.

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