Top 5 Car Insurance Claim Tips

I hope you never have to deal with insurance claims, but the truth of the matter is that it will most likely happen to you. So when it comes time when you have to file a claim or get in an accident, I have 5 tips that may help expedite the process and keep you from getting sued.

1) Call 911: Get a police report

Always call 911 first so you can have a police officer report. You never know when someone will all of a sudden get a neck injury three days later and it wasn't documented. This may help cover your butt if they decide to sue.

2) Exchange information

Get their drivers license and VIN number. Even get their license plate number.

3) Document what happend

Document what the road conditions were like, where the sun was, how rude the other driver was, anything and everything.

4) Take photos of the scene

I like to take photos with my cell phone if there is any type of damage. Also take pictures of the scene, tire marks on the ground, anything that could help you if there were a case.

5) Call your insurance carrier

Most insurance carriers allow you to submit your claim online or through the use of mobile apps. If you can't find out where to file your claim we would help direct you the right people.

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