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What is Water Back Up And Sump Pump Overflow Coverage?

What does water backup and sub pump overflow coverage really mean? Well if you have a basement with a toilet, it may back-up and could destroy your finished basement. [Continue reading]

Is My Jewelry Covered On My Home Insurance Policy?

Many people might not understand that when you get a homeowners insurance policy it only covers up to a limited amount of jewelry. [Continue reading]

Is Homeowners Insurance Mandatory?

Homeowners Insurance is not always mandatory, unlike Car Insurance. [Continue reading]

Will My Homeowners Insurance Go Up If I Get A Dog Or Pet?

Be careful before getting that next pet you always wanted, you may not be able to afford the increase in your Homeowners Insurance policy. [Continue reading]

If My House Floods, Do I Have Insurance?

A common question we get here at Hannigan Insurance, is "Do I Have Insurance Coverage If My House Floods?". [Continue reading]

Do I Need Landlord Insurance When Renting My House Out?

Many people consider renting out their home after purchasing a new one. [Continue reading]

What Is The Difference Between Home Replacement Cost vs Market Value?

Ever wonder why your house is insured for higher than what you could actually sell it for? The replacement cost and market value of your home are like comparing apples to oranges; they are not even related. [Continue reading]

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