What is Water Back Up And Sump Pump Overflow Coverage?

What does water backup and sub pump overflow coverage really mean? Well if you have a basement with a toilet, it may back-up and could destroy your finished basement. If your pipes and sewers back-up it goes up through your well and BOOM you have flooding in your basement.

For $50 you can have your finished basement covered.

I remember a few years back around 2011, there was a great winter storm and it was around 30-34 degrees. Well that meant a lot of frozen powerlines and a LOT of slow melting. The power lines were so heavy that we lost power in my township for over 3 days. Our newly finished basement had a sump pump but the well was slowly filling up and I was very worried. Luckily we had a neighbor with a generator so we could use our sump pump after day 1 of no power, but we would NOT of been covered because we did not have the water backup and sump pump overflow coverage.

For $50 you can have your finished basement covered for when water back-ups occur. It can cost you well over $5,000 to repair damages from water back up and sump pump overflow in basements.

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